The US Senate did not approve government funding, and a partial collapse of federal agencies took place

Partial paralysis of US federal agencies took place at midnight local time on Saturday night, after Democrats and Senate Republicans failed to reach a financing agreement, divided over immigration and border security issues.
For now, it is impossible to predict the paralysis of the federal administration’s services, those that are not necessary, which began just on the anniversary of President Donald Trump’s entry into the White House.

The US House of Representatives passed a draft law on temporary financing of the federal government on February 16th, with 230 votes to 197 votes, but the proposal went missing in the Senate, which was due until midnight to avoid paralysis of federal services. The Senate has a Republican majority of 51 members, but for the passing of the bill, it was necessary to gather the votes of 60 senators.

Negotiations between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic leaders in Senate Chuck Schumar failed, and the US government remained technically at midnight without funding. Republicans and democrats accuse each other of failing to reach an agreement, and Democrats are accused by President Donald Trump.